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Sports Physicals services offered in Bedford, TX

If you require a physical to play sports, see the experts at WithCare Clinic in Bedford, Texas serving the Bedford area. The skilled team at WithCare Clinic provides comprehensive sports physicals for athletes of all ages, ensuring they’re healthy enough to participate safely. Schedule your next sports physical by phone or request one online today. Walk-ins are also welcome.

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals at WithCare Clinic are medical exams in which a family medicine provider evaluates the overall health of a person who wants to participate in organized sports. It’s common for kids and teenagers to require a sports physical, where their health care provider looks for signs of potential medical issues. 

The physicals are designed to ensure children or adults are healthy enough to participate safely in school and non-school-related sports.

The skilled WithCare Clinic providers are highly trained. They’re available for same-day, next-day, and walk-in appointments.

Does my child need a physical before they can play sports?

Your child’s sports team coaches or school lets you know if they need a sports physical to participate in training and games. Even if a sports physical isn’t required, you might schedule one for peace of mind so you know it’s safe for your child to participate in athletics.

What happens during sports physicals?

When you or your child arrives at WithCare Clinic for a sports physical, a provider weighs you, evaluates growth and development, if needed, and assesses blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs.

A medical provider reviews your medical history, including personal and family history of medical issues, medications, symptoms, and lifestyle habits. 

During a physical exam, a provider evaluates your throat, eyes, ears, reflexes, breathing, and heartbeat.

WithCare Clinic provides electrocardiograms (EKGs) and other heart function tests to screen for potential problems.

If you or your child needs blood tests, imaging procedures, asthma or allergy testing, or other diagnostic tests, WithCare Clinic offers these services. The skilled medical staff also complete vision and hearing screenings.

What can I expect after sports physicals?

After sports physicals, your family medicine provider reviews the results and signs any required paperwork. If your child needs medications, an inhaler, or care from another specialist, their WithCare Clinic provider ensures they receive the treatment needed to be successful and eliminate significant risks while playing sports. 

How often do I or my child need a sports physical?

Most sports teams require sports physicals yearly. If you’re unsure if you or your child needs one, check in with the coach or school. Schedule an appointment at WithCare Clinic if your child or you become ill or injured or whenever you have concerns about your well-being.

Schedule a sports physical at WithCare Clinic by calling the office or requesting one online today. Walk-ins are also welcome.